Dog Licence

Except for the owner of a dog kennel or hobby kennel, the owner of every dog shall, within 30 days of obtaining a dog, or within 30 days of becoming a resident of the City of Morden, register the dog at the Morden Civic Centre or the Pembina Valley Humane Society by purchasing a Dog Licence. However, new pets do not require a licence until they are old enough for a rabies shot and/or six months old.

Failure to purchase the required licence is a violation of the Morden Animal Control By-Law 07BL27 . Violators shall be additionally liable for penalties as set out below. GA-030 Dog Licencing Procedure.


  1. Complete the form LICENCE-07BL27-Dog Licence Application
  2. Visit the Morden Civic Centre at 100 – 195 Stephen Street, Morden OR Pembina Valley Humane Society at 462 Jefferson Street, Morden.
  3. Bring proof of a current rabies vaccination from a licensed veterinarian.
  4. Bring proof of the dog being neutered or spayed from a licensed veterinarian.
  5. Pay the licence fee.  See rates below.
  6. You will be given a tag that has the City of Morden and a number on it.  This number will be linked to your dog for the rest of it’s life in Morden. Place the tag on the collar of the dog.  Now all you need to do is notify the City if you move or sell your dog. If you lose the tag you can get a replacement for a cost of $5. If your dog passes and you get a  new dog you can transfer your dog licence to the new dog by contacting the Morden Civic Centre.
(effective October 9, 2012)


Neutered or Spayed Dog*


Not Neutered or Not Spayed Dog


Licence Tag Replacement Fee


Licence Tag Transfer Fee


Dog Kennel – Annual Fee


Restricted Animal – Annual Fee


Dog Kennel – Renewal Fee


Restricted Animal – Renewal Fee



  • Having a dog licence can sometimes prevent your pet being taken to the Veterinary Clinic because we know who to call.