You are permitted to have domesticated animals, such as dogs and cats as pets, with the maximum allowed being two of each.  New pets do not require a licence until they are four months old or have had a rabies shot. You can help keep your pet safe by following these rules.

  • All dogs must be licensed.  You can purchase a dog licence at the Morden Civic Centre or the Pembina Valley Humane Society.
  • Animals are not allowed to run at large or trespass on public or private property.  They must be contained on your yard or on a leash.
  • Dogs are not allowed to disturb the peace by barking or howling.
  • Dogs must be leashed when walking or exercising your pet.
  • Please pick up waste if your animal has defecated on public or private property and dispose of it in a garbage can.

If your dog is not licensed and it is taken to the Morden Veterinary Clinic, there is a daily cost for the animal to be impounded.  An additional fine plus a fee for a valid dog licence may also be charged.  If your dog is licensed, then the licence fee will not be charged.  These fees must be paid before the animal is released from the clinic. All fees are paid at the Morden Civic Centre.  If you have any questions about licencing your dog, please contact the Morden Civic Centre at 204-822-4434.


For information about licensing your dog and the fees associated with that, click on the link or contact: Morden Civic Centre at 204-822-4434 or the Pembina Valley Humane Society at 204-822-4333.


Application Fees Fine
For Kennel Permit $150
For a permit to keep restricted animals $150
Renewal Fees Fine
For Kennel Permit Renewal $100
For Restricted Animals Permit Renewal $100
Animal Cages Fine
For each cat trap – deposit $50
For each animal trap – deposit $50
For each animal device available $50
Penalties & Impoundment Fines Fine
For first impoundment at the Vet Clinic, flat fine: Licenced Dog (No GST) $40 *
For first impoundment at the Vet Clinic, flat fine: Unlicenced Dog (No GST) $60 *
For each day of impoundment, at the Vet Clinic: (Plus GST) $12 *
For second impoundment, flat fine (No GST) – if it occurs with 12 months of the first offense $75 *
For each day of impoundment (Plus GST) $12
Impoundment fines for livestock at the Vet Clinic: (No GST) $25
Impoundment fines for dangerous animals, quarantined animals and restricted animals: $25

* -Where your dog, cat or any other domestic pet is eventually claimed by a humane society for adoption to someone who was not the owner at the time the animal was apprehended, and provided that the animal is spayed or neutered prior to adoption, this fee shall be waived.