Good morning,

“In the summer of 2018 a technical challenge to the delivery of Morenet’s core network was discovered which significantly held up progress. The City of Morden was sold towers with the assurance that they were engineered, and CSA approved for necessary loads. This was discovered to not be the case and reported to the incoming council.

Our towers are subject to significant wind loads in addition to equipment weight. Subsequently, it was deemed imprudent to have employees climb towers, or to install towers without assurances of their safety and fitness for use.

Consultations with professional engineers resulted in the determination that the towers could be used safely if reduced in height from 112 to 80 feet. After receiving this report our contractor was asked to provide information on the viability of the network given the new constraints.

Last week it was determined that the network would succeed but would require an additional tower to provide appropriate coverage. Work on Morenet has once again resumed and the contractor is tasked with delivering full network coverage in 2019. We expect work to progress at a pace consistent to that of early 2018, prior to discovery of this challenge.

Council decided it was appropriate to wait to communicate this information until we were certain of the extent of the problem, and what the outcome(s) potentially were.

We appreciate the frustration in waiting for the network to be delivered, and council will strive for completion as soon as possible. We thank you for your patience and believe the outcome will be worth the wait.

– Mayor Brandon Burley”​