How can I appeal if I don’t agree with my assessment?

The important item is that you can appeal your assessment, not your taxes or municipal services. If after talking to the assessment branch you are not satisfied, then there is an annual Board of Revision process where you have an opportunity to file a formal appeal. Your written appeal must be filed with the City of Morden, Secretary, Board of Revision, 100 – 195 Stephen Street, Morden, MB R6M 1V3.   For more information click on the links.

What is “Market Value Assessment”?

Please note that farmland is assessed at agricultural rates, not market rates. “Market Value Assessment” values reasonably reflect the market value of your property and create a more equitable and comparative assessment of all properties. Assessment values are based on the most recent sales information that can be obtained in your area of the community. All properties are re-assessed every three years.

How is Market Assessment used to calculate my property taxes?

The assessment itself does not generate property taxes. The City determines the amount of revenue required through taxes for maintaining and delivering services. The Government of Manitoba and the local School Division determine the revenues required for education – the City Council has no control or voice in the education portion of the taxes. A sample tax calculation is available on the Sample Tax Calculation For Residential & Business Page.

What is the tax rate for Morden?

A table of current mill rates compared to previous years is available on the Property Tax Historical Mill Rates Page.

What is the due date?

Your tax is calculated on a calendar year basis – January to December. The due date for your tax payment is August 31st. Please refer to the next paragraph for the penalty rates. Post-dated cheques are acceptable. We also offer a direct debit service.

What are the penalty rates?

  • All Tax payments are required by the due date shown on your tax bill.
  • Tax Payments received at the Civic Centre Office later than 4:30 p.m. on the due date will be subject to overdue charges at a rate of 1 ¼% the next day and a further 1 ¼% each month thereafter until the bill has been paid.
  • Do not assume that an on-line payment will reach the City’s bank account on the same day. Payments via the Internet can take two to three business days to get through to the City’s bank account.
  • Even if the payment has gone out of your personal bank account on the due date, this does not mean that it has reached the City’s bank account. You will be charged if it arrives after the due date.
  • You are advised that if paying on-line you need to make the payment at least three business days before the due date.
  • Bills are normally sent out in June, giving you three months to sort out payment or to contact the office for a copy – should you need one. When you receive the Tax bill make a note of the due date.
  • You can come in at any time and give the office a post-dated cheque.
  • There is a mailbox at the front door of the Civic Centre for drop offs at anytime. Any drop-offs after 4:30 p.m. are processed the next business day.

The “Automatic Withdrawal” system is available for payment of both the Water and Tax bills. To get more information about this convenient service click on the links below. If you have any questions please contact the Civic Centre Office on 204-822-4434.

Automated Funds Transfer Form

What is a Supplementary Tax?

The City of Morden levies a tax for the number of months a new construction or renovation has been completed and or occupied. These taxes are called added taxes for building construction only and are normally levied in September and are due within 90 days of the date of the added tax notice, and has the same appeal process as noted above.

Is there an easier method of paying taxes?

Another method is to use a direct debit system that charges your bank account with the yearly portion of your taxes in August each year.

Why are credit cards not accepted?

There have been a number of residents inquiring about why the City of Morden does not accept credit cards for tax and utility payments. The fee the credit card companies charge for this service averages approximately 2% of each transaction amount. The City of Morden collects approximately $11.5 million in taxes and utility payments on an annual basis. If even one half were paying by credit cards the cost to the ratepayers of the City of Morden would be approximately $115,000.00. That additional cost would have to be covered by all the ratepayers on their taxes.

What other charges can be applied to my tax bill?

Your annual tax bill also includes a flat fee for waste collection and recycling pickup. There may also be local improvements (paving) added to your tax bills if you reside in a newer area where the streets have recently been paved.

As well, costs related to by-law infractions such as weed notices, snow removal, unsightly premises may be charged to the tax bill. Outstanding Water and Sewer bills are also added to your taxes in February of each year. You are notified by letter of any charges being applied to your account. The property owner, not the renter, is responsible for adhering to any by-laws.

If we can be of further help please call us at 204-822-4434, visit us at the Civic Centre, or email .