Municipal Election Results – 2010


Voter Turnout was 51.30% of eligible voters.


Wiebe, Ken ** 1336
Wilson, Douglas 1179


Minaker, Brian ** 1121
Salmonson, Bruce 426
Driedger, Patrick 692
Frost, Doug ** 1024
Wiebe, Irvin ** 1581
Labelle, Jacques 866
Hildebrand, Hank ** 1514
Butler, Maurice ** 1276
Hosea, Wayne 939
Clayson, Nick 460
Francis, Heather ** 1093
Rex, Bev 258
Laverty, Lenore 876
Link, Cheryl 811

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The nomination papers of the above candidates are public documents and can be seen by request at the Civic Centre office.

So who does a person vote for? As an elector, you’ll do well to vote for individuals who are best able to manage the responsibilities. One of the common misunderstandings about voting is that a voter needs to put six X marks on the ballot. This is not the case. A voter can vote for up to six candidates. So if you only have confidence in three candidates you only have to vote for those three. You the electors will decide who is best suited to be on Council, who will be responsible for guiding the future of this community. We encourage you to take this responsibility seriously and vote.

Senior Election Official

Dennis Herntier
Box 156, LaRiviere MB, R0G1A0
Tel: 1-204-242-2005 – Fax: 822-6494

Marking of Ballots

No matter how many candidates are seeking the six seats on Council, voters may choose a MAXIMUM of six.They may also vote for one, two, three, four, or five. Ballots will be rejected if they have more than six marked.