Mayor Ken Wiebe wearing the Chain of Office.

Mayor’s Message

For visitor and resident alike, there are many reasons to take an interest in Morden.  I believe you find this website useful and helpful.

If you are thinking of moving to Morden, you might be surprised by our diversity.  We are a multicultural city; a city where volunteerism is second to none.  We celebrate life through our festivals, special events and rich offering of the arts, sports and recreation.

If you are looking for a place to establish or expand your business, you have come to the right place!  Morden is experiencing major economic growth.  We welcome more businesses, and more skilled workers, to meet the growing demand.

Perhaps, though, you are a visitor attending one of our annual festivals, arts or sporting events. Whatever the occasion, I believe it will be memorable and you will want to return again soon.

As citizens of Morden, we are passionate about our city.   Morden is all of us, from all walks of life and with all points of view.  It is a place to celebrate – and a place we proudly call our home.

On behalf of City Council and all its citizens, Welcome to Morden.

Meet With The Mayor

Got an idea you want to discuss with the Mayor? Mayor Wiebe or a representative from Council will be available to talk with you. No appointment necessary. Residents are welcome to come to the Civic Centre to  ‘Meet With The Mayor’ on:

Wednesday’s 10:00 am to 12:00 Noon.

“I always enjoy talking with the citizens of Morden and this is an opportunity where we can discuss issues and possibly find a resolution to a problem,” said Mayor Ken Wiebe.

Would you like to invite the Mayor to attend your event?

We now offer this online form for invitations to the Mayor. Click Here

Mayor’s Chain of Office:

For over a thousand years originating with the Dukes of Normandy, civic authorities have borne an official seal incorporating the arm of authority. The seal was originally worn on a gold chain around the neck of the chief official. This “decoration” has evolved into the modern Chain of Office. Although decorative, the practice of wearing a Chain of Office has become steeped in historic tradition, and is one, which is followed not only by elected officials but by the executives of civic organizations as well. A modern Chain of Office is composed of several elements joined together with pieces of chain from which hangs a medallion. Chains of Office are almost always sewn onto a velvet collar, which is not only decorative but makes the chain much more comfortable to wear.

The Morden Chain of Office was donated by the Morden and District Chamber of Commerce at their banquet on Friday February 16, 2007 to commemorate Morden’s 125 th Anniversary and was accepted by His Worship Douglas Wilson.

The Chain of Office was designed by the Chamber of Commerce Executive and was beautifully handcrafted by International Coats of Arms, Kingston, Ontario. It incorporates images representing Morden – Past and Present

  • Morden Logo – See History Unfold; flanked on both sides by a replica Topaz and Ruby symbolizing Corn and Apples;
  • Morden Rose symbolizing Morden’s Horticultural contributions;
  • Manitoba Bison;
  • Bühler Auger symbolizing Morden’s Manufacturing sector;
  • Corn and Apple symbolizing Morden’s signature Festival and our Agricultural Heritage;
  • Sports – Curling, hockey, golf and baseball;
  • Musical notes and Harp symbolizing the contributions of Morden’s Arts Community;
  • Mosasaur Skull symbolizing Morden’s ancient history and our Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre;
  • Wheel from the HMS Morden Corvette symbolizing Morden’s Military contributions;

Each Medallion is joined by chain and a Canadian Maple Leaf, and is sewn on a collar of royal blue velvet.

It is the intention of the Morden and District Chamber of Commerce members that this Chain of Office will be worn with pride in the community in which we live and work. It acknowledges the responsibilities, authority and dignity, which are attached to the Office of the Mayor of Morden