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Irvin grew up on a farm at LaRiviere, and has lived and worked in Morden for over 40 years. He is married to Annemarie and has two sons, daughter in law and three beautiful grandchildren.

Irvin is retired after having worked as a Farm Business Consultant in the area of finance, farm business management, taxation and succession planning. During his long professional career working with farm families and agri-businesses, he has helped many achieve their financial goals, dreams, and aspirations. In addition, he has had extensive experience in providing leadership to many organizations and Boards of Directors, including health care, higher education, financial, professional, municipal, and church boards. He has been the Deputy Mayor for eight years.

Irvin has been working with the public all of his adult life and this desire to serve others has carried right on into his retirement years. He has thoroughly enjoyed the years working on City Council and looks forward to addressing the new challenges facing a growing city.

“I believe that the greatest strength that I bring to Council is that of exercising good judgment, using common sense and making informed business decisions that affect the life of our city and community.”