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Hank and his wife Florence have lived in the City of Morden for the past 44 years and together have raised 2 daughters, Kristine and Kathryn and connected to Morden for most of his 66 years.  Both daughters are married and each have 2 beautiful children.

I was employed with the local credit union for more than 39 years, in various capacities, and prior to retirement as Chief Operations Officer.  Currently I am owner owner/manager of a property management company.

I have been involved in many organizations in the community in the past.  I currently represent City of Morden on MSTW Planning District and SWAMP Regional land fill along with Chair of the Finance and Administration committee.

Currently I am Chair and on the Board of Directors and of Community Futures Heartland representing the City of Morden.

I believe Morden has an exciting future, with development and growth, and I look forward to serving the Morden community for my second term.