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Photo by Personal Expressions

Doug has been a resident of Morden for the last 30 years. He is serving his second term on City Council. He and his wife Veronica have two daughters. Kim and husband James live in Winkler. They have 2 sons, Cody and Brad. Their other daughter Michelle now resides in Vancouver.

Doug is currently employed by Manitoba Telecom Services and has been for the last 43 years. During this time he has worked in all parts of the province including 8 years in northern Manitoba while residing in Thonpson.

Upon moving to Morden, Doug spent 20 years as president and manager of the local senior hockey team, the Morden Redskins, which gave local youth a place to play and maintain ties to the community. He also spent 4 years coaching girls ringette.

During Doug’s first term on council he served on the following boards: MSTW (Morden Stanley Winkler Thompson development corporation), Morden Clinic, PVWC (Pembina Valley Water Co-op), PVCD (Pembina Valley Conservation District), Handivan and Daycare. During this term he is serving on MSTW, Morden Clinic, Daycare, and PVWC. Doug is also chair of the Public Works department.

Doug believes the knowledge and experience he has gained through working with a wide assortment of people will serve him well in dealing with the wide assortment of attitudes, opinions and conflicts that arise during this term. He will continue to work towards improved Daycare and all other issues that will make Morden a better place to live. He will continue to be a strong voice for all of the residents of Morden, not just a select few.