City Logo

What is the symbolism of each part of the City logo?

  • MORDEN = Elegant and classic, friendly, welcoming, healthy, pathways to walk, leaves of plants.
  • CLOCK TOWER = One clock face can represent the past and the other the future.
  • SUN = Rising sun of opportunity as well as sunny Manitoba.
  • SEE HISTORY UNFOLD = This is all encompassing with the young and old being a part of Morden. The City’s historic downtown, Museum with history going back 80 million years, historic buildings and the exciting future of the City of Morden all fit into this theme. This theme has two verbs which makes it very strong.
  • COLOURS = The colours are warm and organic and spring from the prairie landscape.

What message does the logo give?

  • “Best In Country Living”
  • “Historic City”.
  • “Quality of life” – peaceful, healthy, safe and welcoming.
  • “The City that can and still does”.
  • Morden is many things and has so much to offer both visitors and residents.

Why have a logo?

  • To capture the essence of Morden.
  • To differentiate Morden.
  • To sell Morden as a year round place for tourists.
  • To sell Morden as a great place to live – we have a wonderful “quality of life” to offer people who move here.

Where is the logo used?

The logo is registered and is only to be used by the City of Morden. All uses need authorization from the City. The City uses the logo on:

  • Stationery
  • Website
  • Quarterly Newsletters
  • Marketing Materials
  • Signs

Who can use the Morden Logo?

The Morden logo is a trademark and everyone wishing to use the logo must complete a “Logo Use Application Form” and return it to the Community Resources Officer.  Only when permission has been given can the logo be used.  Click here to read the full policy document – FA-013 Use of Logo-Slogan Policy-20130129