1. Finance
    The primary function of the Finance department is to provide financial management information to City Council, City Staff, the public and other governments.
  2. Financial Planning
    The Department works with city directors and managers to prepare an annual budget and a five-year projection of operating and capital expenditures for review and approval by council.
  3. Property Taxes and Utility Billing
    The Finance group consists of a revenue office that has the responsibility for billing and collecting property and utility taxes, cash management and will also liaise with the bank and investment community.
  4. Information Technology Systems Leadership
    The Department implements appropriate financial technology systems and controls to ensure prudent management and reporting of all revenue and expenses for all municipal departments.

Department Contacts

Title Name Telephone Email
Deputy City Manager–Corporate  Patrick Dueck 204-822-2564 pdueck@mordenmb.com
Tax Roll Clerk Tara Viallet 204-822-2560 tviallet@mordenmb.com
Accounts Payable/ Receivable Clerk Lisa Fot 204-822-2565 lpauls@mordenmb.com
Utlity Clerk/Hillside Cemetery  Angela Adams 204-822-2566 aadams@mordenmb.com