The Marketing & Communications Coordinator is responsible for;

  • Communications – Providing priority information to residents and other select target markets regarding Council policy direction with the intent to inform and engage citizens.
  • Media Relations
  • Websites and Social Media – Maintain the municipal websites. Guide creative development and administer content of the City website, and social media platforms.
  • Marketing – Prepare marketing and promotional materials to support the City’s community economic development strategy, City departments as well as City tourism
  • Community Engagement – Facilitate the SpeakUp Morden online portal, participate in public consultations as required, collect requests  for publication on the community calendar and LED board.
  • Grants – Manage applications for funding to support City projects.

If you notice any errors or omissions on the City website, on the LED Sign or in City literature – I would like to hear from you.  It is only with your help that this type of information can be kept current. 

Contact Details:
Marketing & Communications Coordinator –

Currently vacant

Note: Note: The City of Morden does not accept immigration telephone inquiries from applicants. Only people who have been formally authorized by the applicant may communicate with the program about a Morden Immigration application.