The City Manager is the chief administrative officer of the City of Morden. The position is responsible for planning, directing, supervising, coordinating and controlling all municipal operations as approved by City Council.

The City Manager’s responsibilities include:

  • ensuring the policies and programs of the municipality are implemented,
  • advising and informing Council on the operation and affairs of the municipality,
  • investigating and reporting on all matters referred by City Council and its committees,
  • submitting the capital and operating budgets to City Council for review,

The City Manager chairs the Management Committee (comprised of all Directors and Officers) which is responsible for coordination of all city-wide management and operational matters.

The City Manager is the direct supervisor of all Directors and Officers and through them, all Managers and civic employees (except for those boards and commissions which are responsible to City Council). This includes the appointment, promotion, demotion and suspension of employees of the City.

Contact Details:
City Manager – Faisal Anwar

City of Morden
100 – 195 Stephen Street
Morden, MB  R6M 1V3
Telephone: 204-822-4434




Note: The City of Morden does not accept immigration telephone inquiries from applicants. Only people who have been formally authorized by the applicant may communicate with the program about a Morden Immigration application.