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NOTICE of Special Meeting of Council

Mayor Burley has called to order a Special Meeting of the Council of the City of Morden for appointing members of the Council to the Municipal Airport Commission as per By-Law No. 4-01.

The Special Meeting will take place this coming Wednesday, February 6, 2019 at 4:00pm at the Civic Centre.

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City of Morden MEDIA RELEASE

RE: Inappropriate MJHL Commentary

January 14, 2019 – Recently the city of Morden was made aware of a video posted to the internet showing inappropriate and derogatory comments made by MJHL colour commentators that included reference to the city of Morden, Mennonite and Hutterite women. This commentary was made by personnel from The Pas, and happened on December 21, 2018.

The following is a statement by Morden Mayor Brandon Burley regarding the video.

“The City of Morden strongly condemns the statements made by the individuals shown in the video. It does not reflect our values nor does it reflect Manitoban or Canadian values. We hope the Manitoba Junior Hockey League will take strong and decisive action that demonstrates these comments do not reflect its’ values either.

We are a proud and diverse community with deep roots in Mennonite and Hutterite culture and want people, women in particular, to know the kind of sentiments expressed in this video have no place in our community or anywhere for that matter. Morden will always stand up for you and advocate for you.

Morden is also a proud hockey town where our young men and women strive to compete at the highest levels. We want the MJHL and others to know that anyone expressing these views is not welcome to offer commentary on hockey or any sport in our city.”

Mayor Brandon Burley

2019 Ash Program Update


In January of 2018 the City of Morden adopted a 10-year Ash Strategy to address the Emerald Ash Borer, threatening 37% of public ash trees and thousands of private trees. In year one, the Parks and Urban Forestry department monitored for the insect through visual surveys, branch sampling and green prism traps. Monitoring efforts were in conjunction with provincial and federal initiatives to track the insect movements throughout the province. In addition to monitoring, the city removed over 150 poor conditioned and/or structurally defective ash trees, ground the stumps with plans to re-plant those locations with non-ash species in the spring of 2019. To date, EAB has not been detected in the City.

“As part of the Ash Strategy, we aim to reduce the ash tree population to 15% over a 10-year period. Each year re-planting with a diversity of trees to better protect the community from future insect and disease problems. It’s an informed decision, to be proactive, based on lessons learned from other communities devastated by the insect.” Shawn Dias, Parks and Urban Forestry Manager.

Plans for 2019 and year 2 of the strategy include removing 150 ash trees located on boulevards, parks and green space.  Tree Removal Notices were distributed to residents to inform them of the activities and a 2019 Ash Removal Map shows the locations for removals throughout the City. Monitoring and detection efforts will continue with branch samples taken from removed trees, visual surveys, and green prism traps during the active adult flight season.

To find out more details and review the full City of Morden Ash Strategy document please visit: http://www.mordenmb.com/emerald-ash-borer/ In 2018 CTV News Winnipeg covered the strategy and the archived video can be viewed at: https://www.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=1363224.

The map below illustrates the distribution of ash tree removals for 2019.  

Contact: Shawn Dias – Parks and Urban Forestry
Telephone: (204) 362-3999
Email: sdias@mordemb.com

Morenet Service Update

Please see the January 2nd Morenet Service update in PDF or plain text below.


We are pleased to provide the following update regarding the status of Morenet.

Coverage Progress
We are excited to announce that we will expand coverage around Grant Street in early January 2019. Morenet’s high-speed internet service will be available to customers in this area shortly, please watch the web site and Twitter where we will announce when we have updated the coverage map.

As you might have heard in the recent local news, we have had issues with the supply of the towers required for the service. Resolving this issue has taken some time, but we are pleased to say that in January will we resume plans to implement the towers. The Grant Street area is the first of our revised tower plan, so we are adapting to the challenges as we continue to move forward to providing affordable high-speed internet to our community.

Support & Frequently Asked Questions
We are adding more content to frequently asked questions, please check it out on Morenet’s Support page. Gamers should check out our FAQ about gaming. Every customer should know how to power cycle their Morenet radio, a quick reference is there; a power cycle is the most frequent solution to service issues. We are also making improvements to our customer support, please watch out for that.

Network Performance
Morenet’s Contractors have been working steadily adding new customers to the network. This is great news, we are grateful for the community’s support and trust as we continue building this innovative service. And, this is great news because with every new customer we have information to inform and refine our coverage plans.

We are still building which means that we have not reached our standard target for all customers yet. As we complete more of the network coverage, we will reach that target, so we thank you for your patience as we continue expanding the service.

The core network is performing above our original expectations. The available technology is ahead of what we expected, making our wireless backbone the fastest available on the market today. We now have several paths of redundancy at all points in our network so that even in the worst winter storms customers still have reliable internet access.

We have made several important advances in our backhaul to improve speed of access to important web-based services; for instance, we are one of the first Manitoba internet services with direct connection to Facebook, and we are close to reaching the same direct connections with Google and Netflix.

Thank You!
…for your support & patience as we continue to pioneer one of the first high-quality, affordable internet services in Canada.


Good morning,

“In the summer of 2018 a technical challenge to the delivery of Morenet’s core network was discovered which significantly held up progress. The City of Morden was sold towers with the assurance that they were engineered, and CSA approved for necessary loads. This was discovered to not be the case and reported to the incoming council.

Our towers are subject to significant wind loads in addition to equipment weight. Subsequently, it was deemed imprudent to have employees climb towers, or to install towers without assurances of their safety and fitness for use.

Consultations with professional engineers resulted in the determination that the towers could be used safely if reduced in height from 112 to 80 feet. After receiving this report our contractor was asked to provide information on the viability of the network given the new constraints.

Last week it was determined that the network would succeed but would require an additional tower to provide appropriate coverage. Work on Morenet has once again resumed and the contractor is tasked with delivering full network coverage in 2019. We expect work to progress at a pace consistent to that of early 2018, prior to discovery of this challenge.

Council decided it was appropriate to wait to communicate this information until we were certain of the extent of the problem, and what the outcome(s) potentially were.

We appreciate the frustration in waiting for the network to be delivered, and council will strive for completion as soon as possible. We thank you for your patience and believe the outcome will be worth the wait.

– Mayor Brandon Burley”​

Morden & Winkler to host 2019 National Women’s Under-19 Championship!

Manitoba welcomes up-and-coming women’s talent for first time

CALGARY, Alta. – The very best young women’s players from around the country will converge on Morden and Winkler, Man., next November to compete for gold at the National Women’s Under-18 Championship, marking the first time Manitoba will host the tournament.

“Hockey Canada is very excited to bring this event to Morden and Winkler next fall,” said Scott Smith, president and COO of Hockey Canada. “Historically, fans have had the opportunity to watch as Canada’s future superstars compete for their provinces before competing wearing the Maple Leaf at world championships and the Olympics.”

Morden is no stranger to successfully hosting national hockey events, having hosted the 2017 Esso Cup, Canada’s National Female Midget Championship, while Winkler will host a Hockey Canada tournament for the first time.

“We welcome the chance to work with Winkler on hosting the National Women’s Under-18 Championship,” said Morden Mayor Brandon Burley. “Although both communities are capable of hosting large-scale events on their own, we are stronger together. We are excited to have the opportunity to build on the success of the Esso Cup.”

“Winkler has a history of hosting very successful events including Hockey Day in Canada, the Manitoba Games, the Manitoba Scotties Tournament of Hearts and the Viterra men’s provincial curling championship,” said Winkler Mayor Martin Harder. “Our community has always rallied around these events thanks to the strength of our volunteers. We look forward to hosting this and future events with our neighbours to the west.”

“It’s exciting to welcome Hockey Canada back to the region,” said Clare Agnew, co-chair of the host organizing committee. “There was such positive energy in the community during the Esso Cup, it makes planning this one even more exciting. The confidence of Hockey Canada and our understanding of its expectations makes for a great partnership.”

Historically, the event has netted more than $1.5 million in economic impact for the host region, and as with all Hockey Canada events, net proceeds will remain locally to support the growth of the game.

“Hockey Manitoba is extremely confident that Morden and Winker will present an exceptional atmosphere in order to guarantee a positive, successful and memorable event,” said Bill Whitehead, president of Hockey Manitoba. “Both communities have a deep history in the promotion and operation of events and are excited about the opportunity to stage the 2019 National Women’s Under-18 Championship.”

The National Women’s Under-18 Championship is held every year (excluding years where the Canada Winter Games take place), and features teams representing provinces and regions across the country. Ontario teams have won each of the 12 gold medals, while the host Manitobans will be looking to add a first national title to their two silver and three bronze medals.

For more information on Hockey Canada and the National Women’s Under-18 Championship, please visit HockeyCanada.ca, or follow through social media on Facebook and Twitter.