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Morden Participates in Canada 150 Mosaic Project

Project updates and forms for participation will be posted here.

[July 31 PRESS RELEASE] Morden Participates in Canada 150 Mosaic Project
MORDEN, MB – In 2017, Canada turns 150 years old. It is a country that has welcomed the world through its borders.

There are a variety of events and projects taking place across the nation, and Morden is participating.

Tracy Oliver, Project Coordinator for the Canada 150 Mosaics explains, “To celebrate this birthday, the Mural Mosaic team is launching a bold undertaking. Over a two-year span, a trio of artists plan to create a mural including all provinces and territories, over 80,000 paintings and 150 individual murals that, when united, will form one gigantic mural mosaic. The mural, if ever connected, would be over 365 meters wide (4 football fields) x 2.5 meters high (8 feet).”

“The mural will represent a cultural mosaic, a time capsule, a visual portrayal of history, an art masterpiece from the soul of the nation. An art piece that fifty years from now, may inspire another generation, who will in turn be able to celebrate through the mural and maybe take it upon themselves to add to this memory,” adds Phil Alain, Canada 150 Mosaics artist.

“Morden is excited to be part of this national project. It’s a once in a life time opportunity for the community and an opportunity to show how Morden’s history has contributed to the nation,” Mayor Ken Wiebe.

The mural will be completed over a 3-day workshop at the beginning of November. The mosaic artists will be in Morden for 3 days to assist with painting the tiles and will create the mosaic on the third day. Residents of Morden will be given an opportunity to participate and paint a tile; the number of tiles available will be determined once the design of the mural is confirmed.

A group of volunteers are working with the artists and providing information on the community of Morden and what we would like included in our mural.

“Thank you to our project sponsors: Imperia Management Inc., Access Credit Union, Sawatzky’s Furniture and The City of Morden for providing the funding for the project. These businesses continue to support events and projects in Morden, which contributes to enhancing the community.” Clare Agnew, Director of Community Services.

As the facility with the highest traffic volume in Morden, the mural will be displayed at the Access Event Centre. Additional information will be provided on how to participate in the mural as details are confirmed.

For more information on the mosaics across the country please visit


Tree Watering – Community Bulletin

The City of Morden, Parks Department would like to ask for the community’s assistance in watering boulevard trees. 

Due to the lack of moisture over the past several weeks, some trees are showing signs of moisture stress. Smaller and younger trees up to 5 years old are the highest priority for watering during dry conditions.

Watering should be carried out during the cooler parts of the day, such as evening and early morning. The amount of water given should provide a deep soak into the soil, using one of the following approximate measurements:

  • 20 litres, or
  • 5 ½ gallons, or
  • 2 – 4 minutes with a standard garden hose.

This should be done once a week a minimum, and ideally twice per week. Infrequent, deep soakings are better than frequent shallow watering.

Also as we move towards fall, it’s important to “soak-in” all your trees to better preparing them for overwintering. Conifers (spruce and pine) are susceptible to drying out during the winter months and even large mature trees should be well watered in the fall before frost (approximately mid-October).

The Parks Department would like to thank all its residents who maintain around and care for our City’s trees.

New Way To Access Morden Citizen Satisfaction Survey

There have been a number of suggestions to open up another way to access the 2017 Citizen Satisfaction Survey.

If you’ve had trouble loading the survey through the page on with your phone or tablet or haven’t filled out your survey yet, please click the link below which will open the survey in your browser.

Thank you! We look forward to your responses.

Public Notice On Funny Taste and Smell to Water

Public Notice:

City of Morden customers are experiencing a different taste and odor in the drinking water because of green algae in the source water.

Is it safe to drink the water?

The water is SAFE to drink, boiling is NOT necessary.

What causes the taste?

This taste and odor is caused by algae growth in Minnewasta Lake. The growth is a result of abundant sunlight and warm temperatures. Growth can occur in a matter of days.

As little as “one part per trillion” is detectable, so the issue can linger for a while.

What is being done to eliminate the issue?

City of Morden treatment plant operators are making changes in the treatment process to minimize the taste and odor problem. Visual inspections are being done daily to assess the level of growth so proactive action can be taken.

The duration can vary depending on the severity of the bloom. Different areas of the City may experience taste-odor problems for longer periods as water travels through the distribution system.

Note: The City of Morden has also recently installed ultra violet light for disinfection, this helps as an extra measure in providing safe water for public use.

Clarification on Tax Payment Late Fees

The deadline for paying taxes to the City of Morden was Aug. 28. Any physical payments made on or before the Aug. 31 will not charged late penalties.

Online payments, however, take more time to transfer to the City’s accounts, so a payment made after Aug 28, if not in the City’s accounts as of Aug 31, will be considered late and charged the corresponding late fees.

We apologize for any confusion in this process.

Thank you.


Fall is around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about extracurricular sports and recreation! City of Morden has once organized the Sport and Leisure Expo where kids and adults can be signed up with various sport and leisure groups and organizations! The event will be held on September 6 at the Access Event Centre from 6-9pm!

The following organizations will be participating this year:

179 Morden Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Morden-Winkler
City of Morden- cardio drumming, yoga, hockey, babysitting course.
Cultural & Educational Center “LEADER”
Fung Loy Kok Taoist Tai Chi
Girl Guides
Girl Guides of Canada
Harmony Tree Studio
Morden Achievers 4-H
Morden Curling Club
Morden Figure Skating Club
Morden Figure Skating Club
Morden Junior Rifle Club
Morden Minor Hockey
Morden Parent and Child Resource Centre
Morden Premier Taekwondo
Morden Table Tennis Club
My Treasured Arts
Pembina Hills Arts Council
Pembina Valley Rhythmic Gymnastics Club
Rec Hockey
Regional Connections
Royal Canadian Legion Branch #11
Scouts Canada
Special Olympics Morden
Steve Nash Youth Basketball

The Expo has been reduced from 2 days to 1 day! So don’t miss this opportunity to see all these organizations in one place! If you’re not sure what to register for, City of Morden has organized a new event: Sport and Leisure DEMOS! This will be held at the Access Event Centre the day before the expo, on Tues, Sept. 5 starting at 6 pm! This event is FREE to attend, and there are activities for both kids and adults!

The following is the demo schedule!

6:00-6:30 pm Minor Hockey
6:30-7:00 pm Special Olympics
7:00-7:30 pm Morden Magics Gymnastics
7:30-8:00pm Morden Scouts
6:00-6:30 pm Cardio Drumming
6:30-7:00 pm Yoga
7:00-7:15 pm FUN&FIRE
7:15-7:45pm Tai Chi

Questions about these events can be directed to Stephanie Dueck, Rec Programmer for City of Morden, 204-822-5431, Have a safe and active fall!