10 Great Reasons to Invest in Morden

  1. Morden workers possess a good work ethic, as well as training and skills, and are respected by employers for their enthusiasm, creativity and loyalty.
  2. The affordable cost of living, excellent recreational and cultural amenities, and very attractive quality of life in Morden make it relatively easy for companies to attract and keep good employees.
  3. The superb education system in Morden, and its close proximity to outstanding post-secondary educational institutions and universities ensures that companies have ready access to a supply of highly qualified younger workers.  The universities and colleges are a valuable resource for employee training and research and development projects.
  4. Morden’s “open for business” attitude has removed barriers to effective business operation.  Public sector officials at all levels of government work together with business leaders in a spirit of cooperation that’s intended to help private sector companies get things done.
  5. The entrepreneurial “can-do” attitude that is a central part of Morden’s business culture provides a tremendous stimulus for innovative and creative business solutions.
  6. Morden’s strategic location at the centre of Canada makes it a key part of the Mid-Continent Trade Corridor connecting manufacturers to a central North American market of 100 million people.  Located on Highway 3, near Highway 75, the Winnipeg Airport, and minutes from the USA border, Morden’s location permits finished goods to be shipped quickly and cost-effectively to any destination in the world.
  7. Appropriately sized and zoned parcels of property are available for purchase or lease in Morden’s Industrial Park, with Rail Spur access available and the potential to acquire and expand into adjacent properties. The industrial park is fully serviced by all utilities and is ready, willing and available for immediate development.
  8. Ease of access to Morden’s Industrial Park via the well-surfaced roads, which are close to major highways and have the capacity to handle truck traffic during peak travel times.  The Rail Spur to Morden’s Industrial Park allows for transport flexibility.
  9. Low overall Business Costs:  Industrial Land is inexpensive and readily available.  Electricity and long distance rates are among the lowest in Canada; labour rates are competitive, and average employer premiums for workers compensation are the lowest in Canada.
  10. The state-of-the-art telecommunications infrastructure in Morden provides broadband access to the Internet, a particularly important advantage for technology-based businesses.