Feel at home in Morden, it is a welcoming community!

Since 2000, Morden has welcomed many immigrants through the provincial nominee program, helping them successfully integrate into the local education system, the local economy, and into community life.  We believe our success is due in large part to the open door attitude of the community residents, giving Morden a distinct advantage in settling new immigrants.  Morden has been a multi-cultural community since its beginnings.  Most prairie communities were built by immigrants and Morden is no different.  Rather than being settled by one predominant cultural group, Morden has attracted immigrants from Britain, Scotland, Ireland, Iceland, Germany, Latin America, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Eastern Europe.  Current immigrants, representing over 50 different ethnic groups, respond to the warm welcome offered formally by The City of Morden and informally by the residents of Morden.  Support for the successful settlement of newcomers is found in all sectors of the community.

Los trabajadores latinoamericanos calificados están invitados a unirse a otros que han inmigrado de países como México, Belice y Paraguay, y han encontrado trabajo y los hogares en Morden Manitoba.

The Filipino community in Manitoba keeps growing stronger and stronger.  Morden employers have identified the Philippines as a recommended source country for attraction of immigrants.

Морден стал родным домом для многих выходцев из стран бывшего Советского Союза. Они получают работу, приобретают свое собственное жилье и наслаждаются спокойной жизнью в Мордене.

Українська громада Мордена зростатиме за рахунок нових емігрантів з України, що приїзджатимуть найближчим часом. Їм буде легше адаптуватися до канадського способу життя, оскільки кліматичні та ландшафні умови тут дуже схожі до України.

United Kingdom
Morden Manitoba has always been a popular destination for English, Irish and Scots seeking a better life through immigration.

United States
Morden Manitoba welcomes immigration from U.S. residents.  There are many job opportunities here and a relaxed lifestyle.