2019 Spring Clean Up

The City of Morden is continuing the annual Spring Clean Up service for Morden residents. The annual Spring program offers one free curbside pickup by the City of Morden on the following 2019 dates:

  • Tuesday, May 14 (Zone 1)
  • Wednesday, May 15 (Zone 2)
  • Friday, May 17 (Zone 3)

If you need to look up your zone, you can do so here.

The City of Morden requests that only compostable paper bags are used. Plastic bags will not be picked up. Compostable ‘plastic’ bags that can be used in the green cart cannot be used for this Spring Clean Up service, due to the different method of composting.

Compostable paper bags are available at most hardware stores and include logos on the labels. Here is an example:

All items must be packed in compostable paper bags or boxes, branches cut and tied into bundles and placed at the curb prior to 7:00 a.m. City crews will make one tour of the area and will not be returning.

For more questions please contact the City of Morden at info@mordenmb.com or 204-822-4434.

Morden Residents Community Compost Site

The compost site is located at Willcocks Road – Southeast of Huron Windows. This site is for grass clippings, leaves, garden refuse, and branches only – all to be placed in marked areas. Wood chips and compost material is available for Morden Residents (hand loading only).  PLEASE empty your plastic bags and place them in the containers provided.