In January of 2018 the City of Morden adopted a 10-year Ash Strategy to address the Emerald Ash Borer, threatening 37% of public ash trees and thousands of private trees. In year one, the Parks and Urban Forestry department monitored for the insect through visual surveys, branch sampling and green prism traps. Monitoring efforts were in conjunction with provincial and federal initiatives to track the insect movements throughout the province. In addition to monitoring, the city removed over 150 poor conditioned and/or structurally defective ash trees, ground the stumps with plans to re-plant those locations with non-ash species in the spring of 2019. To date, EAB has not been detected in the City.

“As part of the Ash Strategy, we aim to reduce the ash tree population to 15% over a 10-year period. Each year re-planting with a diversity of trees to better protect the community from future insect and disease problems. It’s an informed decision, to be proactive, based on lessons learned from other communities devastated by the insect.” Shawn Dias, Parks and Urban Forestry Manager.

Plans for 2019 and year 2 of the strategy include removing 150 ash trees located on boulevards, parks and green space.  Tree Removal Notices were distributed to residents to inform them of the activities and a 2019 Ash Removal Map shows the locations for removals throughout the City. Monitoring and detection efforts will continue with branch samples taken from removed trees, visual surveys, and green prism traps during the active adult flight season.

To find out more details and review the full City of Morden Ash Strategy document please visit: http://www.mordenmb.com/emerald-ash-borer/ In 2018 CTV News Winnipeg covered the strategy and the archived video can be viewed at: https://www.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=1363224.

The map below illustrates the distribution of ash tree removals for 2019.  

Contact: Shawn Dias – Parks and Urban Forestry
Telephone: (204) 362-3999
Email: sdias@mordemb.com